Toe-To-Hand Transfer Surgery in Delhi NCR

The toe-to-hand transfer surgery in Delhi NCR by Dr. Deepak Rathore offers many highly-specialized hands - on treatments to help improve the appearance of your specific limb! Whether you are looking to reduce the look of wrinkles around the eyes or rid yourself of loose skin and get back in shape after having a baby, there is help right here. Special features include state-of-the-art treatment facilities and compassionate musculoskeletal care by toe-to-hand transfer surgery in Delhi NCR. The Centre offers more than hand treatments, including help making arms slimmer and helping cheeks look tighter while also reducing bags under the eyes with their various services.

Human hand with fingers and thumb is a miracle of evolution. Hand has allowed majority of our progress in history. Importance of fingers and thumb cannot be under played in our lives. Loss of thumb (accounts for 40-50% hand function) or fingers is devastating for anybody.

Also, some patients may have an absence of fingers and thumb by birth. Such children adapt to such deformities and can function to a lesser extent than normal.

Till sometime back there was no hope of treatment for such patients. There are expensive robotic arms available, but they are heavy, expensive and need a lot of training to use. Patients eventually end up not using these robotic prosthetics. Another drawback of these prosthetics is a lack of sensory input and tactile feedback.

I receive patients in my clinic in Delhi NCR (Noida), India with such deformities and I tell them about toe to hand transfers and how toe to hand transfers are done.

With the advent of microsurgical techniques, it is now possible to transfer toes from the foot can be transferred to the hands with no fingers or thumb. Hence, it is possible to have a meaningful grip with hand after such transfers.

There are multiple benefits to this procedure:

1. Toes are not heavy as compared to robotic prosthetics, hence better compliance.

2. There is no recurring cost like robotics, and the surgical procedure is cheaper than the robotic prosthetics.

3. Patient has better control over the movements.

4. There is sensory and tactile feedback.

5. Unlike hand transplants there is no need for immune suppression therapy.

6. Rehabilitation is faster and better as compared to a hand transplant or robotic prosthetics.

Noida is surrounded by industrial area and a lot of hand injuries occur around Noida. I often get such patients in my clinic. Patients enquire about availability of robotic prosthetics and toe to hand transfer in Delhi, India.

Robotic arms are imported and difficult to service. On the other hand, toe to hand transfer can be done easily in Delhi, India and doesn’t need periodic service.

Toe to hand transfer is a high precision procedure requiring good surgical operating microscopes. Such microscopes are available in Delhi and Noida hospitals, and we can perform toe to hand transfer in Delhi NCR, India easily.

In case you have such a condition, or you know somebody who has missing fingers/ thumb, you can contact us. I am Dr. Deepak Rathore, I am a plastic surgeon based in Delhi NCR (Noida), India. I am trained in micro vascular procedures and hand surgery from the prestigious plastic department in Vardhman Mahavir Medical college and Safdarjung hospital, Delhi India.

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