Nerve Injury Treatment at Home in Delhi NCR

Nerve injuries come in different forms. There are three types of nerve injuries: crush injuries, pinch or traction injuries and stretch or tension injuries. Stretch or tension nerve injuries are the most common type of nerve injury and can be caused by overstretching a nerve. For this you need nerve injury treatment at home in Delhi. For this treatment one easy way to think about this is like you would with a rubber band — even a rubber band has its limits and will break if stretched too far when put under sustained strain. To resolve this, get the best nerve injury treatment at home in Delhi NCR by Dr. Deepak Rathore.

I am Dr. Deepak Rathore, I am a plastic surgeon and I manage a lot of peripheral nerve injuries in Delhi NCR. I operate sharp cut and blunt injuries to Radial, Median, Ulnar, and facial Nerves. I also do a lot of brachial plexus repair and peripheral nerve tumors.

To begin with peripheral nerves are pathways to bring and send signals from brain to the body parts. For eg. you reading this blog your eyes send signals via optic nerve to your brain, or you moving your hands is possible when nerves bring signals from brain to the hands or movement.

Any disruption in this pathway leads to severe disability. One cannot move hands or feet if the nerves are damaged. One cannot smile or blink if facial nerve is damaged. You cannot feel if the sensory nerves are damaged in a particular area.

Nerve damage is broadly categorized into three types:

1. Neuropraxia: Nerve is temporarily not working due to compassion and is not cut.

2. Neurotmesis: Physiological disruption is there, but the nerve is not cut.

3. Axonotmesis: Nerve is completely cut.

Type 1 usually doesn’t need any surgery and is managed with medicines, exercise, and physiotherapy.

Type 2 and 3 need surgery and is followed by exercises and physiotherapy later.

If you are searching for nerve injury treatment at home, then you must understand the type of injury you have. Home treatment is an essential part of nerve repairs.

So, what type of nerve injury treatment can be done at home?

Well, the answer to the question is quite simple, we teach a lot of exercises to patients. These exercises are in addition the physiotherapy and nerve stimulations that patients go through. You must do stretching exercises to maintain joint mobility and ligaments strengthening. These exercises must continue at home also.

Another important part of nerve injury treatment at home is prevention. Once a nerve is severed or damaged, sensation to the area is lost. Anything very hot or cold can lead to further injury. You must be very careful when picking up hot or cold objects with hands (in case of never injury of hands).

Now the next part is regarding facial nerve. With this type of nerve injury patient is not able to close his eyes properly and this leads to cornea injury. To prevent this, you must put eye drops regularly and cover the eye with an eyepatch to avoid dryness.

Type 1 and some Type 2 will not need surgery and will need exercises and physiotherapy. With the precautions and treatments described above you can heal most nerve injuries at home. However, this must be done under the care of a good plastic surgeon. Plastic surgeons are trained to treat peripheral nerve injuries.

Type 3 and some Type 2 will need a surgery before exercising and physiotherapy can be done. Still, you can use these methods to treat nerve injuries at home. They must be done under the supervision of a plastic surgeon.

I have my clinic in Noida, and I operate a lot of nerve injuries in and around Delhi NCR. Many patients often ask me how to treat nerve injuries at home. I explain them the same things as I have mentioned above.

If you are staying in Delhi NCR and need advice on nerve injury treatments at home or surgery for such injury you can contact my clinic. My team is always available for help.

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