Wound Treatment in Delhi NCR

Wound Dressing Treatment in Delhi NCR

Plastic surgeons are problem solvers. Complex wounds present unique problems which need custom solutions most of the time. Every wound is different and needs a different strategy for healing. No wonder plastic surgeons are called masters of wound healing.

We must deal with all sorts of wounds, infective, after injury, burns, bedsores, diabetic wounds, atypical infections, and wounds with exposed critical structures.

Bedsores: Bedsores form due to constant pressure at one site for more than 2 hours. Patients who are debilitated are not able to move leads to constant pressure at certain pressure points. Healing a bedsore is impossible without good nursing care. The patient's position needs to change every 2 hours, needs a soft mattress and dressings on regular basis. Complex bedsores may need surgical cleaning or flap covers for healing.

Diabetic foot: Diabetic foot refers to infections in weight-bearing areas of diabetic patients. Due to constantly raised blood sugar levels wound healing is impaired and the patient is more prone to infections. These infections range from mild cellulitis of the skin to bone-deep infections which can lead to frequent amputations.

Diabetic foot is a leading cause of amputations in our country and with rising diabetes problems this number is bound to increase. Patients need to maintain blood sugars in a good range for wounds to heal. Most wounds heal by proper dressings; however, some will need surgical interventions.

Advanced wound management and severe lower limb traumas: Severe lower limb traumas with exposed bone and critical structures need cover for wound healing. These wounds won’t heal unless some intervention is done. Advanced dressings and surgical techniques are available for such cases.

  • Advanced biologicals
  • Synthetic Growth factors
  • Autogenous stem cell therapies
  • Skin grafting
  • Wound covers with flaps
  • Micro vascular and neural repairs
  • Advanced prosthetics

Dr. Deepak Rathore and his team of the best wound dressing doctor in Delhi NCR. Doctors for wound treatment and injure treatment not only take care of your wounds but additionally teach you and members of the family how to take the good care of your injuries for its fast recuperation. Qualified and caring doctors provide all essential treatment commands for you and your worrying household members for its proper restoration.

The wound dressing treatment is necessary to lessen suffering, immobilize the injured part of the human body, and defend the wound. Dressing a wound at the home can help you make sure the surrounding muscle is safe and secure while promoting moist healing. But for all this, largely we need to visit the hospitals and get the wound dressing.

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