Plastic surgeons in Delhi NCR

Plastic surgeons in Delhi NCR

Dr. Deepak Rathore is a best plastic surgeon in Delhi NCR. Qualified and experienced doctors can help you with your post-burns therapy needs by providing quality care at competitive rates. We offer a wide range of additional services and all procedures can be followed up with aftercare so your recovery is as fast and strong as possible.

Plastic Surgery Generally Falls into Two Categories:

Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive plastic surgery is used to repair damage to body tissue caused by trauma, infections, tumors, genetic conditions such as birth defects, developmental disorders/diseases.

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgeries are non-medical operations that aim to improve the looks or appearance of a person. It's also used to help rectify those who have suffered from disfigurement from accidents or burns.

Most Popular Plastic Surgeons in Delhi NCR

Our surgery experts at cosmetic surgery Delhi are well trained and experienced to help you with a healthy body transformation via plastic and cosmetic surgeries. He is one of the best plastic surgeons in Delhi NCR. The choice of getting any kinds of surgery should be absolutely yours, as every surgical procedure has its own risks and it may possibly have some drastic changes on your looks or physical functioning. Make sure that you are fully healed before going for body augmentation.

Plastic surgery can be used to repair serious injuries or wounds, such as those suffered in car accidents or by victims of violent crimes or assault. It can also help correct genetic defects and birth defects.

Plastic surgery is the art of healing which aims to improve the appearance of the human body, or to enhance its functional abilities. Doctors called plastic surgeons perform these procedures and they reconstruct faces, restore lost facial features such as ears, repair or reshape parts on other parts of our body, including those used for breathing or eating. They correct several deformities or deep wounds that may be acquired as a result of injuries.

Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty which involves reconstruction, restoration, or alteration of the human body.Plastic surgery is a process by which things are either placed in or removed from the human body. Plastic surgery done to improve appearance or function of a body part is called aesthetic plastic surgery while reconstructive and cosmetic-helping with burns, birth defects, injuries-is not.


Plastic surgeons are problem solvers of the surgical world. Plastic surgeons deal with coverage of complex wounds, reconstructions, correction of deformities. We deal with a wide variety of disorders like treating Burns, congenital malformations of face and limbs, Reconstructions after cancer surgery. We also treat complex facial and hand injuries involving bony fractures, vascular injuries, and nerve injuries. Cosmetic surgery is all about enhancing one’s appearance. The scope of plastic surgery is very wide and difficult to sum up in a single paragraph because we literally treat from head to toe.

Cosmetic surgery is a part of Plastic surgery that involves improving appearance via surgery like hair transplants treating baldness, Rhinoplasty correction nose shape, lip reductions, Facelifts, Breast reshaping via augmentation and reductions, Liposuctions, and genital enhancement procedures.

All procedures are performed in Anaesthesia and therefore painless. After surgery patients take painkillers on time and have smooth recoveries. So it’s definitely bearable and relatively less painfull than other surgeries.

Every Surgery carries an inherent risk be it plastic surgery or gastro-surgery, cardiac surgery, or any other branch. Most plastic surgery procedures are not carrying more risk than any other branch.

Every surgery leaves behind scars, but scars in plastic surgery are hidden and fine scars that are barely noticeable. Most scars are not in direct line of site, even if they are made on prominent areas, we repair with meticulous techniques so that fine scars form. These fine lines fade over time.

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